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Proformance Stik Grip Wax

Proformance Stik Grip Wax
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Apply PF Stik Grip over a thin coat of PF Performance Base on your stick handle for a firm, stiff grip. This wax is heat-activated and will give you the extra grip you need to improve your stick handling without leaving residue on your gloves. Can be applied directly to stick shaft or over tape. Get a long-lasting grip with PF Stik Grip.

  • Net weight: 90 grams
  • Made in USA
  • ProFormance Wax...Revolutionizing Puck Control™

Waxes ProFormance have a special formula allows for the application of wax to each other,
so as to obtain the desired effect of viscosity and protective. Thanks to a proprietary formula, we can
"Customize" using different waxes and their configuration.
No other wax on the market, does not have such opportunities. The following table explains how we can
connect waxes.