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TEMPISH Taky three pad pack

TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
TEMPISH Taky three pad pack
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Category: Protectors and gloves
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TEMPISH TAKY set of 3 protectors for skaters provide safe protection of the main parts of the human body where the injuries are most frequent (except head - helmet). The set consists of a wrist, knee and elbow protector. The wrist protector has a plastic padding that protects the wrist from inside against injuries. The inner part of all the protectors is made of soft fabric, which absorbs well the moisture (sweat) and gently glides over the skin. The wrist protector is firmly fastened by thinner strap on the palm and a wider strap on the wrist with a TEMPISH logo. The plastic shell of the knee and elbow protectors is very strong and has a perfect anatomical shape to ensure a stable position of the protector, comfortable while skateboarding and moving, and a high level of fall protection. The textile part of the protector is firmly attached to 3 rivet pairs.
The texture part of the protector consists of three parts: the first part is attached by elsastic strap above the joint and moves along with it. The second part of the protector is placed directly on the joint and protects it in the event of impact The third part of the protector is secured by the elastic strap under joint and moves along with a part under the joint. This construction provides great movement and the protector minimizes blocking in movement. The user stops felling the protector after a short while as it naturally adapts to the skater moves. The protectors are fitted with a sleeve that holds the protector in the correct position if it accidentally loose and also releases the strap pressure on the skin. The protectors are quiet, conservative black color, with only small colored accessories.
Color: black, pink
Size: S, M, L, XL