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Sidelines Practice Boomerang Passer

Sidelines Practice Boomerang Passer
Sidelines Practice Boomerang Passer
Sidelines Practice Boomerang Passer
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The Boomerang Passer is designed for individual players to practice their stick handling skills at home. Our system simulates the ice surface and sets up on virtually any flat surface. Practice hand speed, shooting, passing and receiving in your driveway, basement or garage, when you want and virtually where you want. Player's can practice proper hockey body mechanics all while developing quicker hands with a quick release. Set-up at any angle in front of the net to simulate real game passes, pick your target and get the shot off quick, just like in a real game. Strengthen your passing, receiving and shooting skills and you will see a difference in your game.

The Boomerang Passer Off-ice Passer System is made of high density polyethylene to simulate the ice surface and sets up on virtually any level surface. The off-ice sheet is predrilled for proper mounting and comes complete with all the required mounting hardware. In minutes you can mount your Passer to the sheet and you are ready to set-up on your driveway, garage or basement floor. Begin your stick handling training today.

  • Boomerang Passer 30" x 96" (244cm x 70cm)
  • The Boomerang Passer is a rollout passing surface
  • With a mounted puck passer that keeps the puck in motion
  • Made in Canada

What's Included:

  • 1 Boomerang Passer™
  • 4 High Impact passer legs
  • 1 30″x96″ Passing Surface
  • 1 Reaction Cord
  • 1 Hardware Mounting Kit
  • 1 Instruction Sheet