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TEMPISH GT 500 / 110 Speed Inline Skates

TEMPISH GT 500 / 110 Speed Inline Skates
TEMPISH GT 500 / 110 Speed Inline Skates
TEMPISH GT 500 / 110 Speed Inline Skates
TEMPISH GT 500 / 110 Speed Inline Skates
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Category: Speed
product code: 10000047018-PNK38

GT-500 110 in line are specially developed skate for recreational, amateur and beginner speed riders who prefer fast and dynamic skating and love to skate longer distances. With these skates they can also test speed and endurance racing skating. Extremely lightweight skeleton consists of a 7-layers of fiberglass and 2- layers of carbon fiber. Ending of skeleton at the ankle area and the Achilles tendon - comfort fix. Reinforced by one instep velcro strap, top buckle with micro buckle. Inner shape C ++ is optimally prepared for a large group of the general population. The outer material synthetic leather with microfiber reinforced stitching, inner material is microfiber.

Wheel size 110 mm RUN 7S series are specially designed for training and speed skating. The construction of the core is designed for high load and long term load, PU material has an extremely low rolling resistance and high durability. Hardness 88A is designed for smooth surfaces without roughness with fine structure.

Very solid and easily controllable chassis SCHELL was taken from a higher model SCREAM.

  • Recommended use: Speed, fitness skating. High load, advanced, experienced skaters.
  • Category: Racing speed
  • Shell: Extremely light, made of 7-layered graphite fibers, new anatomical shape of the skeleton in the internal and external ankle area, ending of the boot at the ankle area and Achilles heel - comfort fix, strengthened by two stripes, one of them is with microb
  • Outer material: Eco leather with microfiber, strengthened by sew
  • Inner material: Microfiber
  • Chassis: SCHELL – relieved mono-construction 3D, lower position of the boot, AL 7000 invar, attached to the boot by central screws with adjustable position, surface finish – HI-POLISH ALUX
  • Wheels: RUN 7S
  • Diameter of the wheel: 110 mm
  • Wheel hardness: 88 A
  • Bearings: HI-SPEED TRT 11
  • Brake: No
  • Fastening system: Laces, 2 Velcro stripes, , strengthened by two stripes, one of them is with microbuckle, the second on is cross-shaped


POWER STRAP - fixing and tightening strap over the instep, ensures stabile position if a foot in the skates
MICRO-BUCKLE SYSTEM - comfortable system of tightening and loosing up of the buckles with adjusting possibility
IDENTIFICATION CONTROL - unique system of production, distribution and sale control - based on identification of a product from the beginning of production till the end of its live
ADJUSTABLE POSITION CHASSIS -adjustable position of a chassis towards a shell
AL CHASSIS - chassis material: Al invar
3D CONSTRUCTION - 3D chassis costruction


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