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Parkany Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Sr

Parkany Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Sr
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Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Brand new for 2020, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads. The UltraSonic leg pad will feature brand new designs and construction to make the Supreme line of equipment the most stable pad Bauer has ever created.
Dating back to the original Supreme pad, there was a new process in which the pad was constructed. This technology was called CORTech Skin technology which stands for Coefficient of Restitution Technology. Bauer has continued this engineering process of combining Cross linked Polyethylene foam, Curv Composite additives, lycra-spandex, polyurethane and digitally printed graphics. Now, the UltraSonic pad has he most updated version of the CORTech ST skin that is made of higher quality, super tough outer materials which resist breakdown and improve the life of the pad.
Combined with the CORTech ST skin, the top portion of the thigh features a brand-new binding and design. This new design thins out at the very edge of the pad which reduces overall surface area, allows for a seamless closure at the thigh rise and improves durability from the pads rubbing together. Other durability improvements of the UltraSonic pad can be found on the inside and outside of the boot break. Now, there are subtle material reinforcement which are now sewn down to reduce any lifting from friction or sliding.
Internally, the pad features CURV Composite materials in the thigh of the pad to increase rigidity and create a true single internal break below the knee. This stiffer thigh rise and shape will help kick out rebounds to increase the recovery time and reduce the amount of second shot chances.
The biggest change to the UltraSonic pad can be found in the knee section of the pad. Now, the UltraSonic pad comes with Stabiliside, which is a unique knee block design that integrates directly into the core of the pad. Visibly, this still looks like a traditional knee block., but upon closer inspection the entire knee assemble is One large piece rather than 3 individual ones. When the knee wing, knee block and knee lander are connected, this further attributes to more stability and a better seal when down on the ice. Topping off this entire design is a plush material which provides grip the goaltenders knee pad, so the knee stays secure on the block. The outer knee wing is still adjustable and can be removed if the goaltender chooses to angle their knee lock down.
Moving through to the calf and leg channel, goaltenders will find a simpler strapping system, like the Vapor 2X Pro. This setup features the CRS Tune Fit setup which has an internal strap which sits tight above the calf muscle. The addition of this strap helps keep the goaltender’s leg firmly in the pad. Lastly, goaltenders will see a new elastic toe tie system which provides a tight fit to keep the skate in the pad but extends and stretches when the goalie needs.
Compared to the Supreme 3S pad, the UltraSonic will feature higher quality materials and designs which will allow the pad to have better durability, stability and a lighter weight.
If you are an elite-level goalie who is looking for key upgrades in durability, seal and comfort, all packaged in a lightweight pad that will slide with unmatched speed, the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads will be for you.
Bauer Goalie Pant Sizing
Model Size Waist
Senior XL 36" - 38" 91cm - 97cm
L 34" -36" 86cm -91cm
M 32" - 34" 81cm - 86cm
S 30" - 32" 76cm - 81 cm
Intermediate L 28" - 30" 71cm - 76cm
M 26" - 28" 66cm - 71cm
Junior L 28" - 30" 71cm - 76cm
M 26" - 28" 66cm - 71cm
S 24" - 26" 61cm - 66cm
Youth L/XL 22" - 24
56cm - 61cm
S/M 20" - 22" 51cm - 56cm

Measurement is taken at the waist


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