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Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N Sr Senior Leg Pads

Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N Sr Senior Leg Pads
Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N Sr Senior Leg Pads
Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N Sr Senior Leg Pads
Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N Sr Senior Leg Pads
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The 1X OD1N leg pads uses Bauer’s tech-savvy foam, C.O.R.Tech Skin, which revolutionizes one-piece construction. C.O.R.TECH is formed by molding the pads internals together, rather than cutting and sewing, and allows for more consistent play from the pad, as well as drastically reducing the weight. Bauer also uses Curv composite in the thigh rise, to maintain pad rigidity and structural integrity.
The 1X leg pads feature the Custom Rotation System (CRS) Tune Fit strapping, replacing traditional leather straps. The Tune Fit system is designed to truly wrap around the calf and shin for total control, and its flexibility decreases any stress on the ankles or knees. Anchored where the top and bottom calf straps would be on the inside edge of the calf wrap, the Tune Fit attaches by Velcro at a single point at any position along the outside edge of the calf wrap.
What may seem unorthodox about the OD1Ns is the new measuring system. Rather than sizing by inches, Bauer has classified the most popular sizes into Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. This new style of measurement is to make the process of sizing easier, more accurate, and reduce the number of goalies in pads that are too small or too tall.
To top it off, digitally printed graphics blend two colours into one colour zone, giving a unique look the the Vapor 1X OD1N leg pads. If you’re interested and want to know more about the new Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N line, read our entry on the THS Goal Blog!

  • External Material: C.O.R.TECH Skin Technology
  • Internal Construction: Cross-Linked Polyethlyne Foam
  • Number of Straps: CRS Tune Fit (3)
  • Strap Material: Velcro Attachment
  • Adjustable Straps: Yes
  • Thigh Protection: None
  • Toe Attachment: CRS Stretch Toe Lace

The key factor with Goal Pad Sizing is the overall length. The length is divided into three segments: (A) The Boot, (B) Instep to the Knee, & (C) Knee to top or thigh rise. The proper length of the goal pad boot is determined by the goalie skate size. The next key area is the instep to knee that determines the shin length. Finally, the knee to top or thigh rise is a personal measurement depending on how much pant and pad overlap the goaltender prefers. A general standard is 7" to 8".

Custom Pad Sizing
A. Skate Size: Provide the skate size for proper boot fit
B. Instep to Knee: Measure from instep to the front center of kneecap while the leg is in a slightly bent position
C. Thigh Rise: Measure from front center of kneecap up the thigh to desired height

A + B + C = estimated size of leg pad

If fitted properly, the goalie's knee should rest directly behind the center knee roll with the pad securely  attached to the goal skates and properly strapped on the goaltender's leg. Generally, this will ensure that the pad breaks (bends) at the knee / shin and ankle as designed for optimal performance. Consumers are advised to bring their skates and goal pants when going to purchase leg pads. By bringing your skates this will provide for a true fit, as you don't play the game in street shoes, while replicating the actual feel of the pads. Therefore, there are no surprises when the goaltender goes on the ice for the first time.

Size equivalent
    S M L XL 2XL
Equivalent [inch]   33+1 34+1 35+1 36+1 37+1
Floor to knee [cm]   46-49 49-51,5 51,5-54 54,56,5 56,5-59
Size equivalent
    S M L
Equivalent [inch]   30+1 31+1 32+4
Floor to knee [cm]   41-43,5 43,5-46 46-49
Size equivalent
    S M L
Equivalent [inch]   26-1 28-1 30-1
Floor to knee [cm]   36-38,5 38,5-41 41-43,5


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