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TEMPISH Flow IFF floorball stick

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Koszulka Treningowa TEMPISH Parade Sr

Koszulka Treningowa TEMPISH Parade Sr

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  • Floorball stick with the official IFF certification is ideal for players of lower competition, recreational play and beginners. 
  • The shaft is made of fiberglass fibers, compiled of several layers of mutually geometrically precisely oriented to achieve the ideal characteristics of shafts in terms of flexibility and strength. 
  • It is medium hard stick (flex 28 mm) and flexible enough at the same time. 
  • Stick shows excellent properties in both shots and in the technical handling.
  • Profile of the shaft is a classic rounded, tapering to the blade. 
  • For grip is used standard Score grip, which fits perfectly in the hand. 
  • The stick is equipped with a blade Shock. 
  • The blade is slightly curved and has a slightly shaped "propeller".
  • Floorball stick can be used mainly for a technical game, it is easy to shoot and do passes.

Main features:

  • Height of a player: 175 cm and more
  • Stick length: 100 cm| 95 cm
  • Blade material: PA
  • Blade curve: Left, right
  • Stick material: Fibreglass
  • Stick hardness: 28
  • Roll tape for stick: score grip
  • Shape: conic - ellipse
  • Certificate: YES
  • Weight: 95/280g, 100/290g


Recommended sizes of floorball sticks.


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