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T-Blade blade 18mm

T-Blade blade 18mm
T-Blade blade 18mm
T-Blade blade 18mm
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M, 280 mm

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  • The runner almost contains the entire key technology of the t-blade blade system. It consists of a 1mm thick metal strip which is molded into a cold impact resistant glass fiber plastic. Due to the low metal mass, the runner has extraordinary thermal characteristics – apart 
  • from its minimal weight. In combination with the highly polished running surface, this leads to an improvement of up to 40% of the sliding 
  • characteristics. After the runner has been worn down, it can be exchanged quickly and easily. 
-Very light 
-Small curve radiuses. 
-Extraordinary maneuverability 
-Excellent sliding characteristics.   
-Up to 4-times longer duration 
-Extreme edge hardness (approx. 55 HRC = 570 HV) 
-Constant sliding surface length/ Rocker form  
-High cornering speed 
-Fast runner exchange 
-Sharpening of the edges is not necessary 
The t-blade runner is available in 18 variants. These result from the combination of three sliding surface lengths [S-M-L] with the six radiuses of hollow [9-11-13-15-18-21]. The corresponding runner variant (e.g. S-9-280)  is characterized by: 
-Sliding surface length (S), 
-Radius of hollow (9),  
-System size (280mm) 
A short contact area [S] provides a better maneuverability, a long one [L] more stability. By means of deeper radiuses of hollow [9,11], a better edge hold is achieved, whereas a better sliding ability is achieved by flat radiuses [15,18]. The runner M-13 in white is the 
standard variant for our blade system.
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