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Roller freestyle Seba High Light V2

Roller freestyle Seba High Light V2
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Roller freestyle Seba High Light V2, is a precursor of slalom rollers.
They have an integrated inner boot with a "shell", thanks to which the rollers are lighter, we "feel" the roller while driving and learning more difficult tricks. In addition, we use less force to push away.
Technical parameters:
  • Aluminum buckle at the top, automatic buckle at 45 degrees with micro and macro stabilizing heel.
  • The rollers are laced up to the top.
  • Interchangeable covers for the outer part of the rollers.
  • Rail adjustment from side to side and front to back.
  • The mounting of the rail is two large aluminum monoblocks with 7 holes at the front and many shoes.
  • Wheels Seba Street Invaders 76mm or 80mm / 84a, depending on the size of rails and shoes.
  • Seba ILQ 9 Pro Slalom bearings, serviceable, demountable, fast and durable with nylon cage and rubber guard.
  • The rollers have the regulation of the upper - canting, the upper can be increased for even better grip of the foot, you can also adjust the inclination sideways for people who have posture defects (pronation, supination).
  • An optional brake can be installed.
Size Chart High / GT / FR / High Light / GTX / TRIX2
Size [EU] Insole [mm]
34 217
35 224
36 230
37 236
38 243
39 253
40 261
41 264
42 269
43 277
44 285
45 293
46 293
47 300
Size Chart iGoR / TRIX / CJ / High Light Carbon
Size [EU] Insole [mm]
34 217
35 224
36 230
37 236
38 243
39 253
40 255
41 264
42 269
43 277
44 285
45 288
46 296
47 300
Size Chart  Junior / FR Junior / Soft junior
Size [EU] Insole [mm]
27 170
28 175
29 180
30 195
31 200
32 205
33 210
34 217
35 224
36 230
37 236
38 243
39 253
40 261



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