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TEMPISH Wenox Top EBS rollers

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  • TEMPISH Wenox Top EBS rollers
  • The skates are equipped with a revolutionary electromechanical braking system controlled by a wireless controller. Braking on these skates is now more comfortable, safer, simpler and more efficient than the classic brake located behind the rear wheel! This model is designed for users up to 90kg. More information about this patented Czech product can be found at:
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    Attractive in-line skate designed for active fitness skaters which combines all of current modern technologies and trends in fitness skating.
    The skate is intended for advanced and skilled skaters.
    Really solid three-wheeled chassis with max 100mm wheels enables really fast and comfortable skating even for long distances.
    The chassis is relatively short, which ensures good mobility and easier handling in those places, where you have to change your direction often. For this reason, the skate is very playful and fun. 
    The comfortable liner has two-layers. The harder outer layer holds the foot firmly in the skeleton, while the softer inner layer will tightly enclose the foot, providing a feeling of high comfort and safe skate control.
    For the higher safety of the skaters, the skates are equipped with reflexive components which significantly helps increase their visibility when the visibility is poor.
    The solid skeleton is vented through the sole and the air is distributed through the insole under the entire foot.
    Modern 'TEMPISH Lacing System' allows quick tightening and releasing of the skates.
    By tightening the instep strap and the upper buckle on the skate collar, each user can adjust the optimal position of the foot in the shell for ideal and comfortable skate control. 
Destiny Recreational, fitness skating, advanced, experienced skaters.
Skid Chassis made of aluminum alloy, fixed attachment system to the skeleton.
Wheel size 100mm
Wheel hardness 85A
Bearings FitGo
Tying system 608, ABEC 9 
Type | Shoe shell PE / NYLON, two-part, anatomical space of the skeleton for ankle, higher reinforced structure.
Liner (inner sock) Reinforced NYLON / NYLEX, anatomic, material with memory, reinforced on the outside, soft lining around the Achilles tendon, anatomic insole
Brake EBS
Top clasp Buckle
45 degree clasp Velcro
Axles 6/28/mm
Weight limit 90 kg


The finger should touch the end of the roller, but it should not be bent. Why? But the | Roll | Padding will later increase the heat and sweating in the heel | ankle area, the foot will move back and the front of the shoe will be slightly loose instead of pressure.
39 25
40 25.6
41 26.3
42 26.7
43 27.4
44 28.3
45 28.8


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