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Rolki Fitness TEMPISH V500

Rolki Fitness TEMPISH V500
Rolki Fitness TEMPISH V500
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NEW designed unisex in-line skate intended for speed fitness skating. Advanced and racing skating. Level of optimal sport loading: 4. The Radical wheels are characterized by high adhesion and absorb inequalities, low wear rate and low coefficient of resistance and enable faster and more comfortable ride. Anatomical strenghtened PVC liner with airing. Option to set the position of the chassis to the boot. Wheels size is 100 mm.

  • Recommended use: Recreational, fitness and conditioning skating, experienced and racing skating
  • Category: Racing speed
  • Shell: Extremely light, PE/NYLON, 2 parts, soft
  • Inner material: Stiffened NYLON/NYLEX, anatomical, strenghtened by PVC parts, comfortable airing on inner and outer side of the boot
  • Chassis: Lightweighted monolith, AL alloy, fixed by screws with adjustable position. Outer material - Hi-polish. Removable brake.
  • Wheels: RADICAL
  • Diameter of the wheel: 100 mm
  • Wheel hardness: 85A
  • Bearings: ILQ 7 TWINCAM
  • Brake: Yes - possibility to remove
  • Fastening system: Laces, stripes with buckle and microbuckle over the instep

The length of the inner insert in centimeters

Size 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
cm 24,7 25,6 26,1 26,9 27,4 28,5 29,5

Please note that the length of the foot make a bit of slack (5-10 mm).


RADICAL SERIES WHEEL - wheels with high adherance, dampening functions, low abrasion coeficient and low rolling friction coeficient
100 WHEEL - wheels 100mm.
AIR COMFORT SYSTEM - comfortable system of shell and liner airing
POWER STRAP - fixing and tightening strap over the instep, ensures stabile position if a foot in the skates
IDENTIFICATION CONTROL - unique system of production, distribution and sale control - based on identification of a product from the beginning of production till the end of its live
ADJUSTABLE POSITION CHASSIS -adjustable position of a chassis towards a shell
AL CHASSIS - chassis material: Al invar
3D CONSTRUCTION - 3D chassis costruction


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