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Olej do łożysk TEMPISH

Olej do łożysk TEMPISH
Olej do łożysk TEMPISH
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Oil START is produced based on a high quality bearing oil. It contains the active ingredients to enhance its oxidative weatherproof stability.
Oil for lubrication of bearings at normal temperatures to +60°C. Designed for lubricating points of the bearing of roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, sewing machines and other points of mechanically stressed components.
The oil protects also the treated parts against the mositure. Maintains the bearing cold even at very high speed RPM. It reduces friction, thereby extending the durability, eliminates corrosion, drives water out and effectively dissolves dirt and dust. Consistent in a wide temperature range. The packaging is provided with an applicator.

  • Density: 870 ± 5 kg / CBM at 20°C
  • The product should be stored in dry, clean rooms protected from frost and high temperatures (+5 ° C to +30 ° C).
  • Packed in plastic bottles with volume 60 ml
  • Use within 60 months from the date of production