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Magnes Burloch Arena

Magnes Burloch Arena
Magnes Burloch Arena
Magnes Burloch Arena
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Koszulka Sportrebel Burloch Arena Sr

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Sportrebel Burloch Arena magnet.
The magnet is flexible so you can easily attach it to a metal surface, car door or fridge. The magnet can be applied and removed many times without leaving any trace. The magnet is resistant to weather conditions.
With UV print.
In collages white or black
Dimensions: Width 9 cm, height 5.8 cm
The magnet has a print made by our company in UV technology.
UV printing - The technology of printing with polymer inks cured by UV light, thanks to which the print is immediately dry and ready for use.
The main advantages of this method are:
Weatherproof printing.
Obtaining high-quality graphics while maintaining a full range of vivid colors.
The print is hardened and changes from a liquid form to a thin layer of plastic.