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Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Hockey Stick - '17

Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Hockey Stick - '17
Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Hockey Stick - '17
Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Hockey Stick - '17
Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Hockey Stick - '17
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Bringing big changes to an already game changing stick, the Supreme 1S 17" model is improving on what made its predecessor one of the top sticks on the market. Bauer made its MPK (Maximum Power Kick) more versatile, allowing for maximum energy transfer on shots. Also, by extending the transfer zone, the power that players have come to know on slap shots and one-timers will translate to snap shots. This extension allows players to load shots faster without sacrificing the power they expect from the Supreme line of sticks.

The biggest change for the 17 line comes in the RenewCore Blade. This new design contains a presurized gel core that will always remain in a liquid state. It improves the feel for the puck by absorbing energy every time the puck hits the blade, and transfers energy back to the puck when shooting. The gel also improves the life of the blade. As damage occurs inside the blade, the gel will fill the small cracks to help the blade continue to perform at a top level. For maximum power on your shot the Supreme 1S is the premier stick.



Size Flex For growth
Youth 20 do 135 cm
Youth 30 do 145 cm
Junior 40, 45, 47, 52 145 cm - 155 cm
Intermidiate 55, 60, 65, 67
160 cm - 170 cm
Senior 70, 75. 77, 85, 87, 95, 100, 102, 105,112 170 cm and more (extension installation option)