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K2 Alexis 90 Boa '21 fitness inline skates

K2 Alexis 90 Boa '21 fitness inline skates
K2 Alexis 90 Boa '21 fitness inline skates
K2 Alexis 90 Boa '21 fitness inline skates
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  • K2 Alexis 90 Boa '21 fitness inline skates
    The K2 Alexis 90 BOA women's inline skates are fast and light skates for all avid skaters who need easy and safe maneuvering! The main component is a high-quality cast aluminum skid, which perfectly transfers energy from the foot to the roller. At the same time, it ensures a secure hold of the ankle and, together with the material of the K2 Softboot shoe, ensures maximum ride comfort. An additional advantage is the unique BOA system that allows easy tensioning of the roll in a few seconds. Just turn the special wheel and that's it - you don't have to worry about unnecessary lacing or tightening the straps! The excellent running properties of the rollers are then supported by 90 mm wheels and high-quality ILQ 7 bearings from the American manufacturer TWINCAM.
K2 Softboot technology
This patented technology makes roller skating not only a good way to spend your free time, but also a pure pleasure. By introducing the Softboot technology, the K2 brand revolutionized the market by introducing soft boot into the world of skating.
Binding Technology: Boa System
It is the most comfortable and most efficient solution available. This system allows you to adjust the shoe while riding. This eliminates the need to run to the side of the track to improve the binding. The Boa fastening system also allows skaters to comfortably put on and take off their skates in seconds.
Upper technology: Stability Plus Cuff
This upper sets the standard for leisure and fitness uppers. It guarantees excellent support for the leg while skating, minimizes the weight of the entire skate and offers versatility for a wide range of skaters.
Frame technology: D.C. Aluminum
Cast aluminum skids are known for their excellent power transmission and stability at all speeds. This construction is very agile, perfect for fitness skating.
ILQ 7 bearings
One of the best bearings available on the market in fitness skates. The precision of the bearing design ensures driving comfort and a much better transmission of force. ILQ-7 class bearings are intended for inline skates used in intensive, fast fitness and urban skating
Destiny Fitness, Recreation 
Skid D.C. Aluminum
Wheel size
84 mm (sizes 37 and 38), 90 mm
Wheel hardness 80 A (sizes 37 and 38), 83 A
Bearings ILQ-7
Tying system BOA® Fit System
Type | Shoe shell Soft, Stability Plus Cuff
Liner (inner sock) Integrated
Brake Included
Top clasp Buckle
45 degree clasp Velcro
Axles 6mm
Weight limit  100kg



The finger should touch the end of the roller, but it should not be bent. Why? But the | Roll | Padding will later increase the heat and sweating in the heel | ankle area, the foot will move back and the front of the shoe will be slightly loose instead of pressure.


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