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Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates
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Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Ice Hockey Skates

  • New for 2019, Bauer goalie has continued on one of the most engineered and technologically advanced goalie skates in all of goaltending and released the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Skates. The 2X Pro skate has specific features and revisions from the previous generation and continues to be one of the lightest skates on the market.
  • Starting off with the build of the Bauer 2X Pro Senior, a cowlingless boot design provides deeper attack angles for quicker pushes on the ice, while cutting down the overall weight. This skate comes with an all new carbon Curv Composite quarter package that will provide durability with an incredibly lightweight feel all while having top level protection.
  • Moving on to the ankle area of the Vapor 2X Pro, a new Aerofoam memory ankle pad wraps around the sides and back of the ankle and provides comfort for the goaltender while in a ready stance. Next, flex edge padding wraps around the sides of the collar to allow the goaltender to get in to a deep stance comfortably. On the back, a nylon heel loop is provided and has been made larger to allow for an easier fit for a boot strap. Finally, a dynamic flex tongue acts as a spring, allowing the goalie to get forward flex when in a stance but keep their support and fit in the boot for all other movements.
  • Included on the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior is the Vertexx Edge holder that was featured previously in the Vapor line. This holder features the Edge Trigger System for quick and easy steel replacements. On the topic of steel, the 2X Pro features 3mm LSG5 Vertexx Carbon-Coated stainless steel that improves the edge life and gives greater resistance to corrosion on the steel. This steel also sits higher than regular steel to give the goaltender deeper attack angles and easier pushes.
  • Finally, the bottom of the 2X Pro features an ultra-lightweight vented composite outsole designed to help against rust on the inside rivets by venting moisture out through the bottom of the skate. Next, the liner is made from Bauer’s new Lock Fit Pro liner that is designed with key grip points to help comfortably lock the goaltender’s foot in to place to provide full control during usage.
  • In comparison to the Vapor X2.9 goalie skate, the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro features higher quality construction and higher quality materials.
  • If you are an elite-level goaltender who is looking for the top engineering in a goalie skate that is made as a one piece boot with a lightweight design, the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Goalie Skates are the skates for you.
Bauer Skate Sizing Chart - Senior  
Bauer USA EU UK [cm]
6 7,5 40,5 6,5 25,1
6,5 8 41 7 25,5
7 8,5 42 7,5 26,0
7,5 9 42,5 8 26,4
8 9,5 43 8,5 26,8
8,5 10 44 9 27,2
9 10,5 44,5 9,5 27,7
9,5 11 45 10 28,1
10 11,5 45,5 10,5 28,5
10,5 12 46 11 28,9
11 12,5 47 11,5 29,4
11,5 13 47,5 12 29,8
12 13,5 48 12,5 30,2
12,5 14 48,5 13 30,6
13 14,5 49 13,5 31
14 15,5 50 14,5 31,8
15 16,5 51 15,5 32,6


Bauer Skate Sizing Chart - Junior  
Bauer USA EU UK [cm]
1 2 33,5 1,5 21,0
1,5 2,5 34 2 21,4
2 3 35 2,5 21,8
2,5 3,5 35,5 3 22,2
3 4 36 3,5 22,6
3,5 4,5 36,5 4 23,1
4 5 37,5 4,5 23,5
4,5 5,5 38 5 23,9
5 6 38,5 5,5 24,3
5,5 6,5 39 6 24,7


Bauer Skate Sizing Chart  - Youth [Yth]  
Bauer USA EU UK [cm]
6 6 23,5 6,5 14,5
7 8 25 7,5 15,2
8 9 26 8,5 16,2
9 10 27 9 17
10 11 28 9,5 17,8
11 12 29,5 10 18,7
12 13 31 10,5 19,5
13 14 32 11 20,3

Ice skate sizing is not necessarily the same as if you were buying a dress shoe or a sneaker. A men's 9 skate does not equal a men's 9 shoe.  All skates (with the exception of Mission) are sized in Canadian sizes; which are equal to 1 1/2 sizes larger in U.S. shoe size (i.e. a men's U.S. shoe size of 9 is equal to a Canadian size of 7.5).  A lot of our customers a say "I could never fit into a 7.5 shoe!!!"  This is true, however, a 7.5 skate is not a 7.5 shoe.


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